Nadia seemed like a promising young Arab woman, studying law and working hard to succeed. For years, however, her father and brothers had brutally abused her. She fled her home to escape the abuse and was forced to abandon her studies. Though she was out of her toxic home, she soon fell into drugs, alcohol and sex.

It was during this time, though, that she met Khalisah, a disciple of Call Her Blessed. They both had suffered abuse, but Khalisah shared with her the hope and worth she had found in Jesus Christ. Nadia was soon introduced to Call Her Blessed staff and found love, safety, and a saving faith in Jesus Christ.

Then she discovered she was pregnant.

This is a death sentence for an unwed woman in the Middle East. Her family had a cultural right and responsibility to murder her in order to protect their honor. Our volunteers rushed to get her a visa before her family or the child’s father discovered she was pregnant. By the grace of God, she made it safely to another country. Here, Nadia and her newborn daughter were supposed to be granted asylum and the ability to move to the US, Australia, or New Zealand.

That was five years ago. Though caseworkers have determined that Nadia’s case is life-threatening and qualifies for asylum, her paperwork has not moved along. Her daughter is now five-years-old, but is unable to go to school because she does not have papers.

Despite this hardship, Nadia still loves the Lord. She is taking courses so that she is prepared for a job when she can finally get to a new country. Currently, Call Her Blessed is still paying for her living expenses because she cannot legally work in her current country.

Pray for her safety and perseverance as she fights for a new life for her and her daughter.