Khalisah’s family raised her like a slave. Her parents withheld food from her and tied her to the bed with chains, releasing her from her prison only to do the household chores.  One day when she was cleaning, a neighbor came over, leaving the door unlocked.  Seeing her chance to escape, Khalisah fled her home at just 12 years old.

Sadly, running away only meant Khalisah’s slavery changed form. With no one to take care of her and seemingly no other way to make money, she began a life of prostitution. Severely abused and addicted to drugs, she desperately needed help. That help came when she met Raja. Raja reached out to Khalisah in her physical, emotional and spiritual brokenness. Through Raja’s witness, Khalisah committed her life to Christ and began to heal from her dark and traumatic past.

As she was growing in her relationship with Christ, Khalisah wanted to be able to start a new life for herself. She started beauty school and saw this new occupation not only as work but also as a way to share the gospel. She is actively making new disciples and is constantly needing more materials to distribute.

Khalisah has shown that Christ bring hope and light and can redeem even the darkest stories.