“Adelpha, come to me. I am Isa. Come to me.”

Adelpha awoke from this dream, eager to speak with her friend, a follower of Jesus Christ. For years, she had suffered beatings from her father and brothers in what should have been her home. When she escaped, she entered again into a place of abuse and captivity that should have given her healing and freedom. It was in this darkness, however, that she found a glimmer of light. Her friend Jameelah was a follower of Christ, receiving counseling from our volunteers. By the grace of God, we were able to rescue both Adelpha and Jameelah from their “safe house.” Though she was out of this physical captivity, Adelpha was still held in the chains of her emotional pain and trauma.

She met the same day with Jameelah and Raja, trying to find an explanation for this dream. They shared with her again the love of Jesus and the freedom found in His name, and this time, she understood. She accepted with a joyful heart the salvation and love of Jesus Christ.

Since that day, we have helped Adelpha gain asylum in the United States. She has continued to work toward the Great Commission even there, volunteering with refugees and even sharing her testimony on a radio show and reaching Arabs in the States.

Two years ago, she was finally able to go back to the Middle East to visit her family. When she touched down, she was immediately arrested for illegally entering the country seven years earlier. While any other person may appropriately panic in this situation, Adelpha took the opportunity to share the love of Christ. During her week in prison, she shared a cell with the wife of a prominent leader in ISIS and began witnessing to her. This woman was determined to prove this Christian wrong so Adelpha let her borrow her Bible to assist her on this mission. Each night, Adelpha would fall asleep on the bed in their cell and this woman would stay up all night, studying the Quraan and the Bible, to convince Adelpha that Christianity was false and Islam was the truth. Finally, when Adelpha was leaving the jail, her cellmate told her, “You shake me. I can’t tell what I know or what I believe. You’ve shaken my life.”

Adelpha kept in touch with her new friend over Facebook and was taken aback by a recent public post.

“I have the light. I know the truth, and I will live for the truth.”

Privately, she told Adelpha, “I believe in your God. I have faith in Jesus as my Savior.” This woman, determined to prove her Christian cellmate wrong, is now a co-laborer in the harvest, sharing and growing in her faith.